Demon Knights is a DC Comics title launched in the New 52. It is a team of seven set in medieval times.

Preview of #16 that’s out this week:

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So I understand issue #16 takes place 30 years after issue #15. How much has changed? And what’s the reason for such a long jump in time?

Just about everything has changed. The team has experienced some falling-outs, and a large part of the first arc’s early issues will be centered on bringing them back together. There’s a major threat facing Europe — something no one has seen before —and it’ll take the combined might of the Demon Knights to stop it.

The reason for the time jump is simple. The book has a large number of immortal characters, so I wanted to explore that. The passage of time affects people in different ways, both outwardly and inwardly. I also felt the change would offer readers a clean jumping-on point.